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What are Safe Sound Personal Speakers?

The SSPS-1 are wearable personal speakers that allow you to listen to your favorite music while being more aware of your surroundings than if you were using headphones or ear buds. When walking, running, bicycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, rock climbing or any activity outdoors, your ability to hear potential danger is improved over headphones and ear buds with Safe Sound Personal Speakers. The SSPS-1 either clips to your clothes or you can hang them around your neck. They don't require batteries and are powered from your MP3 player or most any other audio source. This is a totally new speaker technology and concept that helps to prevent accidents and attacks, which happen all the time because of ear bud or headphone use.

Why SSPS-1 Speakers?

When you are exercising outside, you absolutely know that listening for danger, is literally life or death. SSPS-1 speakers are a much, much safer way to listen to music outdoors than ear buds or headphones.

This product is extremely important for women. If you have mace and pepper spray- but can't hear an oncoming perpetrator- you have almost no defense. Ordinary headphones and ear buds just block out your surroundings.

Listen to the needless tragedies in the news.

"A Houston cyclist was run over by a truck. He did not hear the truck coming because he was listening to headphones. An Australian woman- killed because she couldn't hear traffic noise because of ear bud use with her iPod music device. A woman jogger told police, she didn't hear her attacker approach because she was listening to music on headphones.”

It is a wonder that this important speaker design technology has only just arrived.

Can I really hear good quality music and everything outdoor too?

Our speakers are designed differently than anything else on the market. With our speakers, you can use your natural ability to listen for traffic; fast bicyclists “coming up on your left,” stalkers, anything and everything you really need to watch out for. With headphones and ear buds that is next to impossible. Being able to hear your surroundings is so important.

The SSPS-1 has great sound quality, but of course they will not sound quite as good as something in or on your ear like headphones or ear buds. The small sound quality trade-off is more than compensated for in the fact these speakers could literally save your life or prevent injury. You can still hear all the detail in your favorite songs, your just safer.

Is there a warranty?

SSPS-1 provides a 1 Year Warranty.

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How can I get one?

Order online through our Google secure checkout or through the mail. Make checks or money orders out to:
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Safe Sound Sports, LLC
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